GIM offers a full spectrum of web services, including exclusively designed best-in-class websites for clients ranging from federal and local governmental agencies to independent schools and international businesses around the world. Our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions will help you seize new e-business opportunities and outpace your competitors.
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Website Strategy

Every website design begins with a solid Strategy and Information Architecture. Hand-in-hand, these tools provide you with a digital road map to create a successful and well received website. Our team of Marketing experts collaborate with your organization and build a plan worthy of your branding. Together we make sure your organization's goals are met.

Website Design

What does your website design say about your company? We work together to bring your ideas to life in a manner that will have maximum impact on your audience.  Before any page is designed or any line of code is written, we determine your goals and messages. A design gives the first impression of your organization and we strive to create a unique and memorable one.

Front End Development

GIM develops cross-browser, cross-platform, cross-device compatible solutions incorporating traditional, mobile, and responsive design. Rest assured that website design templates are coded and tested using the latest web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. Designs are seamlessly and fully integrated with InfoServeCM. Our developers have a strong understanding of Web Accessibility and UI Design resulting in the best experience possible for the end user, your site visitors.

Content Population & Training

Concerned about the headache associated with bringing your existing content to a new platform? GIM offers customized solutions tailored to your unique situation. In many cases, we are able to seamlessly transfer most or all existing data from your current database. Once your website is up and running, our easy to use software is all you need to maintain your website. We offer unlimited training and support for the software and any new features.

Secure and Reliable


Data Centers

GIM websites are hosted at SunGard facilities around the country. Our data centers are scaled for your application growth with utility pricing and service models. We guarantee 99.9% availability through a multi-homed Internet architecture. By eliminating the need to staff and manage your own facility 24x7, your organization can benefit from reduced operations costs.

Application Management Services

For businesses that depend upon 99.9% uptime of critical business and network applications, GIM provides peace of mind through our Application Management Services. These services are designed to relieve the pressure of your IT staff by outsourcing the critical, and often routine, 24x7 system maintenance and support requirements. GIM offers multiple levels of service to meet your specific needs and improve overall system stability and performance.

Stay organized and connected

Internet Marketing

Online Marketing

Our software provides a wealth of marketing tools including detailed Site Statistics, E-mail Broadcasts, Events Management and Registration, and E-Commerce. These powerful tools will allow your organization to stay ahead of the crowd. In addition, we offer SEO, digital communications, and social media tool strategies.

Not One Size Fits All

Our websites offer the very best in distributing functionality across all relevant channels- banner advertising, e-mail, mobile, and social media. GIM delivers functionality that meets your organization's needs by delivering solutions at the right place and time with the correct method.


GIM developers have been building rock-solid programs and websites that integrate seamlessly with back-end systems and databases since 1995. We have demonstrated success with complex system integration and custom application development projects for a wide variety of clients, from governmental agencies like the Social Security Administration to international and U.S. businesses and non-profits looking to improve their customer service.

Decades of Experience

Our programmers have the extensive Visual Basic, ASP, and .NET experience required to build interactive, smart websites that connect to wide variety of legacy and current database systems. We take a vendor - and platform - neutral approach creating compelling new solutions. We can migrate data from older systems and build an online system that has the same functionality but gives your organization unified efficiency and access anytime, anywhere. 

Realize your website's potential

GIM can assess your website's potential for integrating apps through deep understanding of your business and operational requirements and by identifying how they can assist your broader business strategy. We are building the next generation of e-business solutions everyday, based on industry standards and tailored to each individual customer's needs. Let us solve your most intimidating integration problems.
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